About Us
The Gujarat State Commission for Women, set up in 2005 as the State, independent organization to present the views of women to government, is an advisory Non Departmental Public Body (NDPB) which falls into this category.

As part of the Government’s drive to increase transparency, accountability and efficiency, the role, size and scope of government have formed part of a broad alliance Government review.

It has been announced by the Government today that a number of public bodies are set to be merged, abolished or streamlined as part of this process.

The priorities of the GSCW Chair and Board of Commissioners are to engage with the Government to ensure that GSCW’s Partners have an opportunity to influence the new central approach, to work to protect funding designated to promote gender equality and to ensure that the core functions of the Gujarat State Commission for Women, which historically have had such an important impact on the lives of women, will be maintained.

Our independent voice, bringing the informed voice of women to government, especially women who may not represented by mainstream organizations, is unique.

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