Citizen Charter

Gujarat State Women's Commission is an institution formed under Act 2002 of State Women Commission.

  • Under the Commission, any woman whose rights have been violated, or is a victim of any kind of sexual harassment in or outside her house, a victim of any kind of violence, or any incidence of mental or physical torture or any complaint of police or such authorities not ready to accept her application, then can approach the commission.

  • No form is required for making an application to the commission. The victim can apply in any form either written or by post or personally.

  • No lawyer is required for any application filed under the commission or for any hearing or order of the application. The cases filed under the commission are never handled by the lawyers.

  • The commission does not charge either application fees or any processing fees from the applicant. Before going to the Court of Law, the applicant can reach compromise at no cost.

  • The victim can also seek help while the Court proceedings are going on.

  • The Commission can order an inquiry on any information given by any citizen on any woman victim of harassment, torture or illegal instance of superstition or beliefs.

  • The Women Commission make an effort in helping women attain their rights.