Research Cell Is an important branch of the commission It deals with the complaints received from all over the state. The complaints are relating to deprivation of rights of women and those involve injustice to woman.

The complaints are received in writing. The commission also takes suo-moto cognigence of incidents related to commission of heinous crimes against women under section-14 Of the Gujarat State Commission For Women Act 2002. Information about the applications received at the Gujarat State Commission For Women since 2005

Sr. no Year Total no of application received
1 2007-08 7
2 2008-09 17
3 2009-10 16
4 2010-11 16
5 2011-12 4
6 2012-13 13
7 2013-14 -
8 2014-15 21
9 2015-16 -
10 2016-17 3

From the above data it is evident that the number of applicants has increased over the past years. The reasons for this increase may be attributed to the increased awareness among women/complainants. As well as the State Commission’s efforts to reach women from all sectors of the society.

Action taken by the Application cell.

The cell deals with the complains received to provide adequate relief to the complainant and ensure suitable redressed of her grievances. The complaints are acted upon in the following manners.

Investigations by the police are expedited and monitored. Family disputes are resolved or compromised thought counseling at the State Commission For Women, For serious crimes, the Commission makes on the site Inquiries, examines witnesses and collect evidence and submits reports with recommendation.

The commission regularly visits districts and review quarterly the pending applications with concerned departments, Organizations. and are directed expedite the disposal of the matter. The no. of Applications received for is 15,632 and 12,237 have been disposal of till date. 31/4/17

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